Laugh to Keep from Crying

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Laugh to Keep from Crying
Written by Tyler Perry
Genre Comedy, drama

Laugh to Keep from Crying is a play written and directed by American playwright Tyler Perry. The show first opened in the fall of 2009. The play is a mixture of comedy, drama, and music, set at an inner-city building in a predominantly African-American neighborhood.


The story revolves around a small group of people living in an inner-city building in a predominantly African-American neighborhood. Carol (Cheryl Pepsii Riley) is a single mother raising two teenagers: Tony (Donny Sykes), who is studious and participates in gospel choir; and Lisa (Tamar Davis), who is rebellious and refuses to attend church. She works long hours during the day, and is good friends with Belinda (Chandra Currelley-Young), their neighbor across the hall. Carol and Belinda disapprove of Niecey (D'Atra Hicks), their upstairs neighbor who is a prostitute. Peter (Wess Morgan) and Anna (Stephanie Ferrett) are a white couple who have moved into the building to save money while Peter attends law school. Anna's recently widowed mother, Jane (Rachel Richards)visits. Floyd (Palmer Williams, Jr) is the superintendent.Carol meets a police officer named Donnie(Anthony Dalton)Then Niecy's pimp Eddie,(Celestin Cornielle) who is bad to everybody involved.


  • Cheryl Pepsii Riley as Carol
  • Chandra Currelley as Belinda Carol's best friend
  • Palmer Williams Jr. as Floyd
  • D'Atra Hicks as Niecy Lisa's Best Friend
  • Támar Davis as Lisa
  • Donny Sykes as Tony
  • Stephanie Ferrett as Anna
  • Rachel Richards as Jane
  • Anthony Dalton as Donnie Indianapolis Indiana July 2(Anthony Dalton also appeared on The Best Of Kermit On Sesame Street as the orange tarnish brother.
  • Celestin Cornielle as Eddie San Francisco de Macoris
  • Wess Morgan as Peter Pascaogula Mississippi September 5

Live Tour Cast[edit]


On the live tour Wess Morgan played Peter. Anthony Dalton played Donnie. Greg Stewart played Eddie.

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