Lauingen Energy Park

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Lauingen Energy Park
solar park
Lauingen Energy Park
Lauingen Energy Park is located in Germany
Lauingen Energy Park
Location of Lauingen Energy Park
Country Germany
Location Lauingen
Coordinates 48°32′13″N 10°25′27″E / 48.53694°N 10.42417°E / 48.53694; 10.42417Coordinates: 48°32′13″N 10°25′27″E / 48.53694°N 10.42417°E / 48.53694; 10.42417
Status Operational
Construction began 2008[1]
Commission date June 2010[2]
Solar field
Type Flat-panel PV
Site area 63 ha (155.7 acres)
Power generation
Units operational 306,084
(288,132 First Solar
17,952 Yingli)
Nameplate capacity 25.7 MW
Capacity factor 12.0%
Annual output 26.98 GWh[3]

The Lauingen Energy Park is a 25.7-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic power station, located in Bavarian Swabia, Germany. It covers an area of 63 hectares (155.7 acres) and was commissioned in June 2010.[2]

The project was built in three phases:

  • The 10.0 MW Helmeringen 1 (already commissioned in 2009)
  • The 9.4 MW Helmeringen 2
  • The 6.3 MW Helmeringen 3 (built and commissioned in 2010)

The largest solar power station in Swabia was built by the German company Gehrlicher Solar and features the following key figures:[2]


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