Lauingen Energy Park

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Lauingen Energy Park
solar park
Lauingen Energy Park
Lauingen Energy Park is located in Germany
Lauingen Energy Park
Location of Lauingen Energy Park in Germany
Country Germany
Location Lauingen
Coordinates 48°32′13″N 10°25′27″E / 48.53694°N 10.42417°E / 48.53694; 10.42417Coordinates: 48°32′13″N 10°25′27″E / 48.53694°N 10.42417°E / 48.53694; 10.42417
Status Operational
Construction began 2008[1]
Commission date June 2010[2]
Solar field
Type Flat-panel PV
Site area 63 ha (155.7 acres)
Power generation
Units operational 306,084
(288,132 First Solar
17,952 Yingli)
Nameplate capacity 25.7 MW
Capacity factor 12.0%
Annual gross output 26.98 GWh[3]

The Lauingen Energy Park is a 25.7-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic power station, located in Bavarian Swabia, Germany. It covers an area of 63 hectares (155.7 acres) and was commissioned in June 2010.[2]

The project was built in three phases:

  • The 10.0 MW Helmeringen 1 (already commissioned in 2009)
  • The 9.4 MW Helmeringen 2
  • The 6.3 MW Helmeringen 3 (built and commissioned in 2010)

The largest solar power station in Swabia was built by the German company Gehrlicher Solar and features the following key figures:[2]


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