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Launch Good, Inc.
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  • Chris Blauvelt
  • Amany Killawi
  • Omar Hamid
Launched8 October 2013

LaunchGood is a crowdfunding[1] platform focused on the Muslim community worldwide. LaunchGood went live in October 2013 and in its first two years has raised more than $3 million for 370+ projects across 30 countries.[2] [3]

LaunchGood is one of a number of crowdfunding platforms for gathering money from the public, which circumvents traditional avenues of investment. Project creators choose a deadline and a minimum funding goal, and usually provide rewards or "perks" for contributors at various levels.

The founders of LaunchGood are Chris Blauvelt, Amany Killawi and Omar Hamid.[4] They are based out of Detroit, Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia.


LaunchGood has been used to fundraise for several nationally recognized projects, including a campaign to help rebuild African-American churches destroyed by arson in the summer of 2015,[5][6] and a campaign to fund the legal team of Adnan Syed (widely known from the podcast Serial) through a special appeal of his conviction.[7] Each of these campaigns raised more than $100,000 through the platform.[8][9] An October 2018 campaign to help pay for Jewish burials for the 11 victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, and the medical bills of survivors, raised its goal of $25,000 in six hours and went on to raise more than $200,000.[10][11]


LaunchGood has received multiple awards, including:

  • Islamic Economy Award, Small & Medium Enterprises (SME)[12]
  • American Muslim Consumer Conference (AMCC), Entrepreneur Showcase[13]

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