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Laura Andon is an Australian model, charity ambassador, TV presenter and actress.[1] Andon has modelling experience with: Pantene, Bonds, Frat House, Honey, and Pevonia.[2] Andon is Clearasil's spokesperson for their ‘secrets of looking awesome’ campaign.[3] Andon has also had small parts in films, such as "The Day Hollywood Died".

Environmental and charitable causes[edit]

Andon's charity ambassador roles include: Clearasil, Cervical Cancer i-did CAMPAIGN, Bonds Fashion Stylista, and VARIETY (a children's charity).[4] Andon was an ambassador for WWF Earth Hour 2012, following former 2011 ambassadors such as: television host Jamie Durie, actress Cate Blanchett, and model Miranda Curr.[5][6] In her spare time, Andon is a keen surfer.


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