Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex

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Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex
Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex during 2014 Winter Olympics (ski stadium).JPG
LocationSochi, Russia
Coordinates43°41′33″N 40°19′31″E / 43.692564°N 40.325396°E / 43.692564; 40.325396Coordinates: 43°41′33″N 40°19′31″E / 43.692564°N 40.325396°E / 43.692564; 40.325396
Capacity7,500 Olympic Mode[1]
2014 Winter Olympics (cross-country skiing and biathlon)
2014 Winter Paralympics (cross-country skiing and biathlon)[1]

The Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex (Russian: Лыжно-биатлонный комплекс «Лаура») is a skiing venue located on the crests and slopes of Psekhako Ridge in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia.[3] For the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in neighboring Sochi, it hosted the biathlon and the cross-country skiing portion of the Nordic combined events.[1]

Seating 7500 at both the biathlon and the cross country skiing areas, it was first used in June 2013.[1]


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