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Laura Gallego García.

Laura Gallego García (born in Quart de Poblet, Valencia Province on October 11, 1977), is a Spanish author of young adult literature. At 21, her first novel won the Barco de Vapor Prize, and she won the award a second time for La Leyenda del Rey Errante, which was translated into English as The Legend of the Wandering King.[1] She sometimes goes by just Laura Gallego. She currently lives with her boyfriend in the village of Alboraya.


The Idhún's Memories, her biggest success, is set in a fantastic medieval world called Idhún, a land with three suns and three moons. The plot centers around an old prophecy which predicts that only a dragon and a unicorn could save that world from Ashran The Necromancer's plans. The trilogy is composed of The Resistance, Triad and Pantheon, where the gods and goddesses of Idhún appear like characters for the first time.

Other novels include:

  • Finis Mundi, Barco de Vapor Prize.
  • Chronicles of the Tower, a young adult fantasy trilogy composed of The Valley of the Wolves, The Master's Curse and The Dead's Call, followed by a prequel, Fenris, the elf.
  • Tara's Daughters, a science fiction novel.
  • Wings of Fire, the story of an angel warrior who is betrayed by her pupil.
  • Black Wings, sequel of Wings of Fire
  • The Ethereal Empress, located in a frozen world.
  • The daughter of the night, a vampire story, is set in the 19th century, in a French cottage.
  • Two candles for the Devil, about angels and demons. A girl called Cat must find the assassins of her father, an angel called Iah-Hel.
  • The collector of extraordinary clocks a boy called Jonathan must find the Deveraux clock before twelve hours are up to save his stepmother's soul.
  • Where the trees sing: when the barbarians invade the kingdom of Nortia, Viana's life will never be the same. She has no chance but running away, and maybe pay attention to the legends about the Great Forest - the place where the trees can sing.
  • The Book of Portals: When Tabit, a student in his last year at the Academy of Portals is assigned the job of painting a portal for a humble farmer, he has no idea that he’s about to find himself involved in a plot full of intrigues and secrets that could rock the institution to its foundations.[2]
  • Fairies of the Kingdom: A story set in the world of fairytales with the protagonist being a normally background character: the Fairy Godmother.

Other titles of Laura Gallego, like Mandrake, Alba has a very special friend, Max doesn't make us laugh and Sara and the Goal Girls series are all for younger children.


Crónicas de la Torre
  • 2000 : El Valle de los Lobos
  • 2002 : La maldición del Maestro
  • 2003 : La llamada de los muertos
  • 2004 : Fenris, el elfo
Memorias de Idhun
  • 2004 : Memorias de Idhún I: La Resistencia
  • 2005 : Memorias de Idhún II: Tríada
  • 2006 : Memorias de Idhún III: Panteón
Sara y las Goleadoras
  • 2009 : Sara y las goleadoras: Las chicas somos guerreras
  • 2009 : Sara y las goleadoras: Goleadoras en la liga
  • 2010 : Sara y las goleadoras: El fútbol y el amor son incompatibles
  • 2010 : Sara y las goleadoras: Las goleadoras no se rinden
  • 2010 : Sara y las goleadoras: El último gol
Other novels
  • 1999 : Finis Mundi (Barco de Vapor Award, 1999)
  • 2001 : El cartero de los sueños
  • 2001 : Retorno a la Isla Blanca
  • 2002 : Las hijas de Tara
  • 2002 : La leyenda del rey errante (Barco de Vapor Award, 2001)
  • 2003 : Mandrágora
  • 2003 : ¿Dónde está Alba?
  • 2004 : El coleccionista de relojes extraordinarios
  • 2004 : Alas de fuego
  • 2004 : La hija de la noche
  • 2004 : Max ya no hace reír
  • 2004 : Alba tiene una amiga muy especial
  • 2005 : El fantasma en apuros
  • 2007 : La emperatriz de los Etéreos
  • 2008 : Dos velas para el diablo
  • 2009 : Alas negras
  • 2011 : Dónde los árboles cantan
  • 2012 : Mago por casualidad
  • 2013 : El Libro de los Portales
  • 2015 : Todas las hadas del Reino
  • 2016 : "Omnia"
  • 2017 : "Cuando me veas"


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