Laura García Benítez

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Laura García Benitez
Personal information
Nationality Spanish
Country  Spain
Sport Judo

Laura García Benitez (born 19 April 1981 in Pamplona) is a Spanish judoka who has represented Spain at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Paralympics.


García was born on 19 April 1981 in Pamplona,[1] and is from the Navarre region of Spain.[2][3] Her father practiced karate but because of her vision problems, she was unable to follow him in the sport.[1]

García has lived in Barañáin.[1] She attended Colegio Público Eulza.[1] She attended the Polytechnic Carlos III in Pamplona, where she trained to become a kindergarten assistant.[1] Following the completion of her program, she decided instead to sell coupons for ONCE.[1]


García took up judo when she was eight years old and living in Lagunak because a friend was practicing the sport. After three years, she stopped playing it, only to take it up again when she was twenty-one years old.[1]

Competing at the 2007 IPC European Judo Championships in Azerbaijan, García came away with a bronze medal.[1] In April 2008, she was one of four Navarre sportspeople on the short list to attend the Beijing Paralympics.[4] Prior to the 2008 Games, she trained in France.[4] That year, she had financial support to compete at the highest level because of funding through Plan ADOP.[4] She competed at the 2008 Summer Paralympics in judo[1] as a 27-year-old in the less than 48 kilogram group.[4] In October 2011, she competed in a regional Spanish national vision impaired judo event in Guadalajara.[5] In 2011, she competed at the IPC Judo World Championships.[1] In 2012, she was coached by Yolanda Soler and José Tomás Toro while based in Larrabide.[1] She competed at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in the less than 48 kilogram group. She lost her first match and then lost in the repechage.[6] One of her matches was against Ukrainian Yuliya During.[7] Overall, she finished in seventh place, enough to get her a Paralympic diploma.[8] The 2013 IPC European Judo Championships were held in early December in Eger, Hungary, and she competed in them.[2][9][10][11] In July 2013, she was one of 306 from Navarre named as a "Deportistas de élite",[12] a category of Spanish elite sportspeople that provides a number of benefits.[13]


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