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Laura Keeble (born 1977) is a British artist. She uses interventionist and subversive strategies to create pauses in perception and question societal norms. "Unfunded and unsanctioned, Laura Keeble’s work is a grassroots action of sorts; it is an art that invites civic participation and a perhaps even a little harmless disobedience."[1] Keeble currently lives and works in Southend On Sea.


Born in Mile End, London, Keeble attended Valance Primary School, London Borough Of Barking and Dagenham; Westborough Primary School, Westcliff On Sea, and Prittlewell High school. Keeble earned a BA(Hons) in Fine Art at Essex University.


As a student, Keeble began to install and document uncommissioned interventions in public and corporate-owned spaces, quickly gaining notoriety for her anti-establishment installation of Queen Victoria's Hands.[2] In 2007 Keeble continued her site-specific practice with a parody of Damien Hirst's work For the love of God in which she created a replica of this artwork using a plastic medical model skull with 6522 Swarovski crystals, and left discarded with a pile of rubbish bags outside the White Cube gallery the day after Hirsts' Beyond Belief had closed.[3] It was then exhibited in Lazerides Gallery, Newcastle.

Idol Worship (2007) explored the commercialism of branding in the context of a sculptural obituary.[4] Keeble then exhibited in "Trespass Alliance" with the Andipa Gallery, London, with D*Face, Jose Parlour, Parla, Swoon, Slinkachu WK Interact and Charles Krafft. Idol Worship was published in "Urban Interventions", a site-specific focused publication.

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