Laura Martinozzi

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Laura Martinozzi
Duchess of Modena
Laura Martinozzi duchessa Modena.jpg
Duchess of Modena
Tenure 14 October 1658 – 16 July 1662
Born (1639-05-27)27 May 1639
Fano, Papal State
Died 19 July 1687(1687-07-19) (aged 48)
Rome, Papal State
Burial Church of San Vincenzo, Modena
Spouse Alfonso IV d'Este, Duke of Modena
Issue Maria, Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland
Francesco II, Duke of Modena
Father Girolamo Martinozzi
Mother Laura Mazarini

Laura Martinozzi (27 May 1639 – 19 July 1687) was a Duchess consort of Modena by marriage to Alfonso IV d'Este, Duke of Modena. She served as regent of Modena during the minority of her son Francesco from 1662 until 1674.


Early life[edit]

Laura was born in Fano to Cardinal Mazarin's eldest sister, also named Laura, and her husband Count Girolamo Martinozzi da Fano, a Roman noble of an ancient family.

She was one of the Mazarinettes: the seven nieces of the Cardinal, that he brought to France in order to arrange for them rich and politically advantageous marriages, including Hortense and Olympia Mancini. For two years Laura lived in France under the guardianship of her uncle and "quasi stepmother", Anne of Austria.

Duchess of Modena[edit]

On her sixteenth birthday, 27 May 1655, she was married to the Duke of Modena, Alfonso IV d'Este. The wedding by proxy occurred at the Palace of Compiègne with the Count of Soissons acting as the Duke of Modena. They had three children, two of which survived infancy.

Regent of Modena[edit]

Upon the death of her spouse in 1662, she became regent of Modena during the minority of her son, Francesco d'Este, Duke of Modena. She discontinued her regency in 1674.

Later life[edit]

Laura was abandoned by her son[citation needed] The mentally and physically weak Francesco II came under the influence of his half-brother Cesare, and thus Laura moved to Rome with her mother.

She died in Rome in 1687, shortly before the birth of her grandson, James, Prince of Wales. She was buried in the Este chapel of the Church of San Vincenzo at Modena.[citation needed]



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