Laura Murphy

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Bonnie Somerville as Laura Murphy

Laura Murphy was a character on the long running police drama NYPD Blue. She was played by Bonnie Somerville.

Joining at the beginning of the twelfth and final season, Murphy was a long term replacement for Connie McDowell after the character left to have a baby. Her main character detail was that she came from a family where her brothers and a lot of male cousins were all New York City firefighters. Coming from the Application's Investigations unit, she was partnered up with Rita Ortiz and, initially, her new partner has problems with her flirting with fellow cops, including John Clark. However they quickly overcome any difficulties and by the end of the season are working as a good team. They are the only partners other than the two new detectives, Quinn and Slovak, to say goodnight together to the new squad boss, Andy Sipowicz, at the end of the final episode.