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Laura Rossi is a British composer of film and concert works. Originally from Devon, she graduated with a master's degree from The London College of Music, having previously studied at the University of Liverpool. She lived in Teignmouth, Devon, before moving to London. She has two children, called Marcella and Rocco, and a husband.


Her credits include scores for films including Paul Andrew Williams' London to Brighton and The Cottage. and the LCL

Rossi has scored music for many silent films. She was commissioned by the Imperial War Museum in 2006 to write an orchestral score to accompany the digitally restored 1916 film The Battle of the Somme. Many performances of this and its 'sister' film The Battle of the Ancre, scored for a smaller orchestra, are planned for the centenerary year 2016.[1][2]

In November 2015, Rossi’s work Voices of Remembrance, inspired by ten of World War I's most famous poems, was premiered at the United Reformed Church, Exeter. The performance was led by the Exeter Symphony Orchestra and the St David's Singers.[3]



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