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Laura Tanguy
Beauty pageant titleholder
Miss France 08 Laura Tanguy.jpg
Born Laura Tanguy
(1987-08-02) August 2, 1987 (age 28)
Title(s) Miss France 2008

Laura Tanguy (born August 2, 1987 in Angers) is a French beauty pageant contestant who was elected second runner-up of Miss France 2008. She is the back of the Miss France 2008 under Valérie Bègue[clarification needed] for all official representations alongside Geneviève de Fontenay, as well as for the regional elections qualifiers Miss France 2009, and in elections international Miss World and Miss Universe to recall Valérie Bègue has emerged his private suggestive photos in a magazine in scandal, two weeks after her coronation.[1]


Tanguy is the daughter of an engineer and a laboratory assistant in physics and chemistry. She speaks perfect English, having lived her entire childhood and the beginning of her adolescence at San Antonio, United States. She has lived in Écouflant, a town near Angers. She holds a tray with the honor ES, she is currently at the School of Nursing of Angers. She practices the sport of tennis at high-level.

Her measurements: 1.79m and green eyes. Her dimensions are: 89/60/92.[2]


Representative as Miss France 2008[edit]

Following the controversy arose December 21, 2007, triggered by the publication of private photos in the magazine Entrevue, somewhat equivocal of the newly elected Miss France Valérie Bègue from the chairwoman of Miss France Committee, Geneviève de Fontenay called for the resignation and dismissal of Valérie Bègue, two weeks after her reign as Miss France 2008.

After an amicable agreement, Valérie Bègue was able to retain her title, but it is expressly concluded that it will not participate in any contest or Miss Universe 2008 or a few regional elections across France in the presence of Geneviève de Fontenay. She wishes nevertheless represent France abroad and otherwise to be more publicized as participating in international events.

On January 6, 2008, the President of the Miss France committee proclaimed Laura Tanguy, second runner-up of Valérie Bègue, as the successor of the latter, a mandate to represent France in competitions beauties Miss World and Miss Universe, and that accompany Geneviève de Fontenay to galas regional elections (first runner-up, Miss New Caledonia, did not wish to hold the post for reasons relating to her studies).


  • This article incorporates text translated from the corresponding French Wikipedia article as of March 7, 2008.

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Rachel Legrain-Trapani
Miss France (shared with Valérie Bègue)
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