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Laurel Goodwin (born August 11, 1942 in Wichita, Kansas) is a former American actress.



A child model, Goodwin made her screen debut as the love interest of Elvis Presley in the film, Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962). Between then and 1969, she appeared in three more films and as a guest actor on several television series, including the Star Trek pilot episode, The Cage (1964).[1][2] Goodwin starred as Yeoman J. M. Colt in the Star Trek pilot, and after the series was picked up by NBC, the episode was woven into a first season two-part episode entitled "The Menagerie"

She was a co-star in the Paramount comedy, Papa's Delicate Condition (also 1962), playing Augusta Griffith, the daughter of Jack and Amberlyn Griffith. Augusta becomes distraught as her father (played by Jackie Gleason) makes some questionable business deals under the influence of alcohol and, without consulting the rest of the family, causing strife within the household and making her beau's dad, who happens to be the local bank owner, forbid his offspring from associating with the Griffith family.


Since ending her acting career, Goodwin has pursued a career in home nursing.


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