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Laurelhurst residential street, near Laurelhurst Park

Laurelhurst is a residential neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, USA. It is bounded on the northeast by Ivanhoe Place N.E., beyond which is Windermere; on the northwest by Sand Point Way N.E. and N.E. 45th Street, beyond which are Hawthorne Hills, Ravenna, and University Village; on the west by Mary Gates Memorial Drive N.E., beyond which is the East Campus of the University of Washington; on the southwest by Union Bay; and on the east by Lake Washington. Seattle Children's Hospital is located in its northwest corner. Once a seasonal campground of the Duwamish people, the neightborhood has been a part of Seattle since its annexation in 1910[1].

The community center is an official city landmark.[2] The Laurelhurst Beach Club, Laurelhurst Park, and its Laurelhurst Community Center serve as gathering places.

Laurelhurst has had several famous residents, including Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, who rented a house on the waterfront one summer while filming a movie; Gary Larson, creator of The Far Side, who lived in Laurelhurst before moving to Windermere; musician Duff McKagan, bassist for Guns N' Roses; and Bill Gates, who lived as a young child in Wallingford before moving to the neighborhood, where his father Bill Gates Sr. still lives.[3]

The neighborhood is one of the most expensive in Seattle, with median home prices around $1,649,000, over double the overall Seattle median of $735,000, as of September 2018.[4]


The name Laurelhurst dates from between 1906 and 1909, when Joseph McLaughlin and R.F. Booth, incorporated under the name McLaughlin Realty Company, acquired property from several owners in the already established areas of Scottish Heights and Yesler Village. They established a new plat, introduced the new name, brought in water, electricity, and sewer services, but failed to attract a streetcar line.[5]

"Laurel" stands for the plant name Laurel and "hurst" means "wood" in archaic English.[6]


Laurelhurst is home to Laurelhurst Elementary School, Villa Academy, an independent grade school, the Wu Hsing Tao School, and the Seattle Midwifery School.

News sources[edit]

The community is served by the North Seattle Herald-Outlook, which prints a weekly edition, and the Laurelhurst Blog, an online neighborhood news source with daily updates.


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