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Pronunciation/ˈlɔːrən/ LOR-ən, /ˈlɒrən/ LORR-ən
GenderUnisex (mainly Female)
Language(s)English, French
Other names
Variant form(s)Laura, Laurence

Lauren may be a given name or surname. The name's meaning may be "laurel tree", "sweet of honor", or "wisdom". It is derived from the French name Laurence, a feminine version of Laurent, which is in turn derived from the Roman surname Laurentius.

Although originally a male name, the names popularity with females has been widely attributed to actress Lauren Bacall, who used "Lauren" as her stage name.[1] Is a popular name in the UK, the US, and Australia. In the U.S. the name ranked #170 in 2018 and #148 in 2017. The name was most popular in the U.S. in the 1980s and 1990s.

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