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Lauren Boquette aka simply Lauren is a hard rock singer born and raised in Long Beach, California.


Boquette formed his first band Yesterday's Tear in 1987 and released numerous demo tapes under that name. By 1992, he had built up a strong following and started packing clubs all over Hollywood, California. Yesterday's Tear were featured as part of the "Hollywood Rocks" Box Set released by Cleopatra Records.

Yesterday's Tear becomes Drown[edit]

Lauren Boquette was discovered by A+R genius Michael Alago (Metallica, White Zombie) and in 1993, signed to Elektra Records changing the name of the band to Drown, 1994 saw the release of Drown's debut album "Hold onto the Hollow" produced by Dave Olgilvie (Skinny Puppy). They toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada all of 1994.

In 1996 Drown signed to Geffen Records and recorded "Product of A Two Faced World" Geffen decided the album was too heavy and dropped the band. The album finally came out in 1998 on Slip Disc/ Mercury Records. Boquette and company toured once again throughout the United States and Canada to support the release.

Later in 1998 Drown released the "Kerosene" Ep with guest vocals by Jared (Hed PE), Ty Elam (Videodrone) and Corporate Avenger.


In 1999 Boquette formed a side project "Famous" and self released the band’s debut EP. In 2000 Famous tours as part of the Tattoo the Earth tour alongside heavyweights Slipknot and Slayer.


In 2001 Boquette formed an officially new band "SiX" with long-time friend and former Cypress Hill guitarist Alfunction.

In 2001 SiX released a debut EP "When the Beauty's Gone" on the pair's own 1605 Records and began touring. They released "The Price of Faith" in 2004. It wasn't until 2007 that SiX released "Between the Warning and The War"

Co-Writer of the SiX song, "Circles (Better Than Mine)" which was featured on the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 Video game. Lauren Boquette currently tours, writes and records music with SiX.

Guest appearances[edit]

Lauren Boquette has appeared as a guest vocalist on many projects:

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