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Lauren Hammond (born 1955) is a Democratic politician from Sacramento, CA. She has served on the Sacramento City Council since winning a special election in 1997. On Martin Luther King Day in 2009, Hammond announced that she will be running for the state assembly in 2010 which means that she will not be able to run for reelection to her city council seat. Hammond was the first African American woman to be elected to the Sacramento City Council.

Early life and education[edit]

Hammond is an alumna of CK McClatchy High School in the Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento. After high school, she attended Sacramento City College where she received her AA and Sacramento State University where she received her bachelor of arts degree in government.[1]

Pre Council Career[edit]

Hammond worked for the California State Senate as a Telecommunications Contract Administrator, and the Senate’s Coordinator for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Sacramento City Council Elections[edit]

The 5th District[edit]

The neighborhoods included in the 5th district are south of US Highway 50 and are cover much of what is considered South and Southeast Sacramento. The neighborhoods included are Airport, Brentwood, Carleton Tract, Central Oak Park, Colonial Heights, Curtis Park, Fairgrounds, Fruitridge Manor, Golf Course Terrace, Hollywood Park, Lawrence Park, Med Center, North City Farms, North Oak Park, Parkway, Sacramento City College, South City Farms, South Oak Park, West Tahoe Park (most of Tahoe Park is in the 6th District), Woodbine

1997 City Council Election[edit]

After Deborah Ortiz resigned in December 1996 to become the 9th district assemblymember, a special election was called. Hammond beat community activist and later SMUD board member Genevieve Shiroma 41% to 37%.

2002 Reelection bid[edit]

Hammond won reelection in 2002 after defeating Michael McLara by a margin of 61% to 39%.

2006 Reelection bid[edit]

Hammond was reelected to her third full term in 2006. She beat LR Roberts by a margin of 76% to 23%. Kevin Johnson who is now the mayor of Sacramento and a former NBA star was mentioned as a potential candidate but he ultimately decided not to run.

Council career[edit]

2008 Mayoral Race[edit]

Hammond backed incumbent mayor Heather Fargo in her unsuccessful reelection bid against St. HOPE director and former NBA star Kevin Johnson.

California State Assembly Bids[edit]

2004 Assembly Bid[edit]

Hammond made her first bid for the California State Assembly in 2004. In that race, she faced sixth district councilmember Dave Jones and Sacramento County supervisor Roger Dickinson. Jones won the primary with 43% of the vote, Dickinson came in second with 25% of the vote and Hammond came in third with 18% of the vote. Jones went on to win the general election.

2010 Assembly Bid[edit]

Hammond announced her second bid for the Assembly at the Martin Luther King day parade in downtown Sacramento. Kevin McCarty, the sixth district councilmember had already announced in late 2008 that he would also be a candidate. Other potential candidates include Dickinson and 4th district councilmember Robert Fong.


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