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Lauren Passarelli
Lauren Passarelli.jpg
Background information
Also known as L. Pass.
Born (1960-02-01) February 1, 1960 (age 56)
Teaneck, New Jersey, USA
Genres Pop-rock, Instrumental
Occupation(s) Musician, singer songwriter, professor of guitar, record producer, recording engineer, author
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, bass, drums, ukulele, mandolin, harmonica
Years active 1982-present
Labels Feather Records

Lauren "L. Pass." Passarelli (born February 1, 1960 in Teaneck, New Jersey) is an American musician and educator. She was the first woman to graduate from Berklee College of Music as a guitar performance major in 1982, and she became Berklee's first female guitar instructor in 1984.[1] She was promoted to professor in 2009.[2] Passarelli's students include John Ryan, Derek Sivers (founder of CD Baby), David Rawlings (guitarist with Gillian Welch), John Weston (founder of Futura Productions) and Kyle Patrick of The Click 5. Another of Passarelli's students was Annie Clark (known as St. Vincent), the niece of Tuck Andress of Tuck & Patti. A past student of Passarelli is Panos Panay, Creative Entrepreneurship.[3] More past students of Passarelli are Jesse Ruben,[4] Angie Swan [5] and Will Knox [6]

Musical education[edit]

Passarelli's guitar studies began when she was nine years old. She studied for five years with Lou Sabini while growing up in Paramus, New Jersey, where she attended Paramus High School.[7] Sabini told her about Berklee, informing her that even though she was eleven she was using college textbooks: A Modern Method for Guitar by William G. Leavitt.[8]

Articles about Lauren Passarelli[edit]

Front and Center: Berklee College of Music Guitar Professor, Lauren Passarelli, WIMN

Singers, songwriters pool talents: The Bull Run

Beatles tribute band[edit]

Passarelli played the role of George Harrison in The Beatles tribute band All Together Now (formerly known as Get Back).[8] She has played with Leni Stern.[9]

Some of Passarelli's students believe that her song "My Norwegian Friend", with its collage layered ending, from her CD Shadow Language inspired The Beatles' album Love because Passarelli handed Giles Martin a cassette demo of "My Norwegian Friend" in the late 90s.[10][11] Collage, hats off to The Beatles that inspired the Love album. Giles Martin heard this demo in 1999 & loved the mix of guitar quotes at the end.[12]


Lauren is a guitarist for the band Afterfab (2014–present), the world's only tribute to the solo years of all four Beatles.[13]

Other activities[edit]

Passarelli fronts for the progressive pop group Two Tru, which also features keyboardist Cindy Brown. She is a co-founder of Feather Records where she is responsible for engineering and production. Two Tru releases their music on Feather Records.[8]

Lauren was the first person to create an ebook with over 200 photos.[citation needed] Her ebook, Adorable Dachshunds A Picture Book, is available on Amazon.[14]

Lauren was a consultant for the film Beatle Stories by Seth Swirsky.

Classmates with Melissa Etheridge[edit]

Melissa Etheridge attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for three semesters in 1979 and 1980 and was a friend of Passarelli.


Lauren Passarelli/Two Tru[edit]

  • Among The Ruins
  • Shadow Language
  • Back To The Bone
  • Twelve New Faces
  • Bellabye
  • Time To Groove
  • All The Words
  • Hold On
  • Sweetest Thing
  • The Secret Quantum Song Thank You
  • The Secret Quantum Song Enjoy
  • Great Day To Land/Happy Birthday
  • Low Tide
  • Mainly Distance
  • Playing With The Pieces
  • Two Years Deep
  • Blast of Love
  • Honeywine
  • Tender Ramble
  • Always and Forever
  • A Parallel Sunrise


  • Sarah Burrill * Stained Glass
  • Jane Miller * The Other Room
  • Thaddeus Hogarth * When The Sun Goes Down
  • We Are All Connected
  • Crave * Garden Party
  • October Rose at the Manse
  • Jane Miller * Three Sides to a Story [15]

Recordings/Engineering/Producer For Others[edit]

  • Sarah Burrill * Stained Glass
  • Jane Miller * The Other Room
  • Thaddeus Hogarth * When The Sun Goes Down
  • We Are All Connected
  • Crave * Garden Party
  • October Rose at the Manse
  • Opening the Door to Meditation by Pam Ressler & Louis Arnold
  • Jane Miller's CD, Three Sides to a Story was engineered by Lauren Passarelli.
  • Kate Chadbourne * Songs of the Poets


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