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Lauren Savoy is an American composer, director and writer. She was born in 1963, Boston, Massachusetts. Upon graduation from the London Film School, Lauren started directing music videos and commercials. In 1995, she and her husband formed a band called "Savoy" with drummer Frode Unneland. Savoy has original songs in the movie "Hawaii, Oslo" as well as "A Night at Mcool's." [1] Savoy has won the Spellemannprisen award for Best Pop Band twice (1999, 2001), and has been nominated three times.

Waaktaar-Savoy met her husband in London and married. In 1999 they had a son together.

The a-ha song "Angel In The Snow" was written for Lauren Savoy by Paul Waaktaar-Savoy and he played it to her on their wedding day. He was too shy to make a speech, so he wrote a song instead. Savoy is working on their seventh studio album with a release set for the fall of 2017.

Discography with Savoy[edit]

  • Mary is Coming (1996)
  • Lackluster Me (1997)
  • Mountains of Time (1999)
  • Reasons To Stay Indoors (2001)
  • Savoy (2004)
  • Savoy Songbook vol. 1 (2007)

Other appearances[edit]

Lauren appeared on the a-ha track "You'll Never Get Over Me" from the album Minor Earth Major Sky, providing backing vocals. She also has co-writing credits on a-ha songs, including "Between Your Mama and Yourself", "Cold River" and "The Sun Never Shone That Day".


Lauren directed the short film "Scent of a Woman" which appeared in many festivals and won "Best of Fest" at the Broad Humor short festival as well as the audience favorite at DC shorts and Holly shorts film festivals. She directed the documentary "A-ha live in South America" as well as several music videos and commercials. Among her videos are:

  • Saybia "The Second You Sleep."
  • The September When "Cries Like A Baby."
  • Flava To Da Bone "Even If The Rain."
  • Flava To Da Bone "Take A Little Time."
  • Diva "The Sun Always Shines On TV" (Version 1)
  • a-ha "Did Anyone Approach You?"
  • Savoy "Velvet."
  • Savoy "Rain."
  • Savoy "Star."
  • Savoy "Empty Of Feeling."


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