Laurence Archer

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Laurence Archer
Occupation(s) Guitarist
Years active 1980-present
Associated acts

Laurence Archer is a guitarist notable for his work with British rock bands, UFO and Phil Lynott's Grand Slam.[1] He was also a member of British band Wild Horses, Medicine Head and Rhode Island Red with Gary Leiderman Bass (ex Talk Talk, Thin Lizzy), Manolo Antonana Drums and frontman/actor/writer Mike Dyer before temporarily retiring from music in 1994.

Archer was previously in Stampede, who recorded 2 albums for Polydor Records: 'The Official Bootleg' and 'Hurricane Town'. Before that, Archer was in Lautrec with his stepfather, singer Reuben Archer.

Stampede reformed in 2009[2] in the wake of renewed interest and the CD re-issues of both 'The Official Bootleg' and 'Hurricane Town' via UK-based Rock Candy Records and Universal Music in Japan. The line-up consisted of original members Laurence Archer, Reuben Archer, and Colin Bond, with Steve Graystone replacing Eddie Parsons on drums, and new guitarist Chris Clowsley.

In 2011, Archer also began playing in the band X-UFO, alongside fellow former members of UFO, Danny Peyronel and Clive Edwards, with Rocky Newton (ex-Michael Schenker Group) on bass.


w/ Lautrec[edit]

  • Mean Gasoline EP (1980)


  • LA (1986)

w/ Stampede[edit]

  • Days of Wine and Roses EP (1982)
  • The Official Bootleg (1982)
  • Hurricane Town (1983)
  • The Other Side 7" Single (1983)

with UFO[edit]

  • High Stakes & Dangerous Men (1992)
  • Lights Out In Tokyo (1992)

with Phil Lynott's Grand Slam[edit]

  • Twilight's Last Gleaming (2003 recorded 1984)


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