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Laurence Norah
Laurence Norah.jpg
Born1980 (1980)
OccupationPhotographer, travel expert
Spouse(s)Jessica Norah

Laurence Norah (born 1980) is a British / Seychellois travel photographer and blogger. He is the author of the travel blog Finding the Universe, and his photography has appeared on a number of high-profile publications such as BBC, National Geographic, Fox News, and USA Today.[1][2][3][4]


Laurence Norah was born in 1980 to a British mother and a Seychellois father. Norah's parents worked as hotel managers and he spent his childhood living in various locations in the UK and the Seychelles.[5] In 2009, he left his job as a software engineer and sold off most of this belongings and traveled around Australia for year in a Land Cruiser.[6] In 2010, he started his travel blog, Finding the Universe.

In 2014, he met his now wife Jessica Norah at a travel blogging conference in Italy.[7] The two were married in August 2015 aboard the Queen Mary 2 on a transatlantic voyage, halfway between the United States (her home country) and the UK.[8] Norah and his wife are currently based near Edinburgh, Scotland.[9]



Norah's travel photography has appeared in a number of publications and websites including National Geographic, the BBC, Fox News, Brides, and the Huffington Post.[1][2][3][4][8][10] He was also a founding member of Lightmoves Creative, an online photography hire organization.[11]

Norah has won a number of awards for his photography, including Bronze in the SATW Bill Muster Photo Competition in 2019, being named a top 10 travel photographer in USA Today in 2014 and winning the Bloggy for best photography on a weblog in 2015.[12][4][13] He specializes in travel and landscape photography, but has also shot travel conferences and festivals such as the South by Southwest music festival.[14] Norah's photography has been recognized worldwide and he currently serves as an ambassador for Vanguard (an American tripod company).[15]

In 2016, Norah created an online travel photography course to help others improve their photography skills. It was initially hosted as part of the Superstar Blogging platform with Matt Kepnes, but is now on its own site and platform, and currently has over 2,000 active members. [16]


Norah started his travel and photography blog, Finding the Universe, in 2010. Today, he co-runs both Finding the Universe and Independent Travel Cats (a couples travel blog founded by his wife in 2013) with his wife Jessica. He is well known for his large social media following, especially on Instagram and Facebook where the Finding the Universe Facebook fan page has over 1 million followers.[9][17][6]

Laurence Norah also served as a board member of the Professional Travel Blogging Association (PTBA) for 4 years, serving as the non-profit organization's President from 2015 to 2016.[18]


Norah is a regular speaker and presenter at travel events and conferences about travel blogging and travel photography, and has spoken at numerous conferences worldwide such as Travel Bloggers Exchange,[19] TravelCon,[20] Arabian Travel Market,[21] Travel Blogger Destination Italy,[22] and INFLOW Travel Summits,[23]

Television and radio appearances[edit]

Laurence and his wife have also appeared on a number of online videos, TV, radio, and podcasts, including an episode of House Hunters International, online video commercials for Mediatek and Vanguard, radio show for 98.8 Castle FM, and an Amateur Traveler podcast.[24][25][26][27]


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