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Laurence Norah
Laurence Norah.jpg
Born1980 (1980)
OccupationPhotographer, Travel blogger
SpouseJessica Norah

Laurence Norah (born 1980) is a British / Seychellois travel photographer and blogger.[1]


Laurence Norah was born in 1980 to a British mother and a Seychellois father. Norah's parents worked as hotel managers and he spent his childhood living in various locations in the UK and the Seychelles. In 2009, he left his job as a software engineer and sold off most of this belongings and traveled around Australia for year in a Land Cruiser.[1] In 2010, he started his travel blog, Finding the Universe.

In 2014, he met his now wife Jessica Norah at a travel blogging conference in Italy.[2] The two were married in August 2015 aboard the Queen Mary 2 on a transatlantic voyage, halfway between the United States (her home country) and the UK.[3] Norah and his wife are currently based near Edinburgh, Scotland.[4]



Norah's travel photography has appeared in a number of publications and websites including National Geographic, the BBC, Fox News, and Brides. [5][6][7][8]

Norah has won awards for his photography, including Bronze in a category of the SATW Bill Muster Photo Competition in 2019, being named as the eighth Best Travel Photography Blogger in a 2014 USA Today online poll, and winning the Bloggy for best photography on a weblog in 2015.[9][8][10] He specializes in travel and landscape photography, but has also shot travel conferences and festivals such as the South by Southwest music festival.[11]


Norah started his travel and photography blog, Finding the Universe, in 2010. Today, he co-runs both Finding the Universe and Independent Travel Cats (a couples travel blog founded by his wife in 2013) with his wife Jessica. He has a large social media following, especially on Instagram and Facebook where the Finding the Universe Facebook fan page has over 1 million followers.[4][1]

Laurence Norah also served as a board member of the Professional Travel Blogging Association (PTBA) for 4 years, serving as the non-profit organization's President from 2015 to 2016.[12]


Norah is a speaker at travel events and conferences about travel blogging and travel photography, and has spoken at conferences worldwide.[13][14][15][16][17]

Laurence and his wife have also appeared in online videos, on TV, radio, and podcasts, including an episode of House Hunters International, online video commercials, and a radio show for 98.8 Castle FM.[18][19][20]


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