Laurence of Siponto

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Laurence of Siponto, also known as Laurence Maioranus (Italian: Lorenzo Maiorano) (d. 7 February, c. 545), is an Italian saint, patron of the city of Manfredonia and the Archdiocese of Manfredonia-Vieste-San Giovanni Rotondo. Manfredonia Cathedral is dedicated to him.

Laurence was a 6th-century bishop of Sipontum. Shortly after his appointment in 492 or 493 he received the visions of Saint Michael which led to the establishment of the shrine of Monte Gargano.

His relics are now in Manfredonia Cathedral, where they were translated in 1327 by Bishop Matteo Orsini from Siponto Cathedral. His feast is on 7 February.

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