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Laurencia microcladia (herbarium item).jpg
Laurencia microcladia
Scientific classification e
(unranked): Archaeplastida
Division: Rhodophyta
Class: Florideophyceae
Order: Ceramiales
Family: Rhodomelaceae
Genus: Laurencia
J. V. Lamouroux [1]

Laurencia is a genus of red algae that mostly occurs in the sea near islands.[not verified in body]


Ecology and habitats[edit]

Genus Laurencia is found globally on shores in temperate to tropical area, "littoral to sublittoral," and are seen at depths up to 65 m deep.[1] A variety of species are found near the British Isles (see below).


The AlgaeBase, a database with detailed information on species of Laurencia, includes 145 taxonomically accepted species as of October 2015, and differentiates these from a further ~375 entries of uncertain taxonomic status, and further delineates homotypic or heterotypic synonyms.[1]

Some of the most common types of Laurencia include the shallow subtidal Laurencia nidifica,[2] Laurencia brongniartii on the Protea banks,[citation needed] Laurencia complanata near Hluleka,[citation needed] Laurencia flexuosa in False Bay,[citation needed] Laurencia glomerata in Port Nolloth and Melkbosstrand,[citation needed] Laurencia natalensis from Pearly Beach to Agulhas,[citation needed] Laurencia obtusa in Cape Hangklip,[citation needed] Laurencia peninsularis, which is endemic from False Bay to East London,[according to whom?][citation needed] and Laurencia pumila, which ranges from Tsitsikamma to Mozambique.[according to whom?][citation needed] Species seen in the British Isles[according to whom?] include Laurencia hybrida (de Candolle) Lenormand ex Duby,[3] Laurencia obtuse (Hudson)[4][full citation needed] Laurencia osmunda (S.G. Gmelin).[3][5][page needed] Laurencia pinnatifida (Hudson) Lamouroux,[citation needed] Laurencia pyramidalis Bory ex Kützing,[citation needed] and Laurencia truncate Kützing.[5]

Further reading[edit]


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