Laurens Pieter van de Spiegel

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L. P. van de Spiegel

Laurens Pieter van de Spiegel (19 January 1736 in Middelburg – 7 May 1800 in Lingen)[1] was Grand Pensionary of Zeeland and, from 9 November 1787 to 4 February 1795, of Holland. He was an Orangist, which means that he was a supporter of Prince William V of Orange. He became grand pensionary of Holland when the Prussian army had reinstated William V in power in 1787. He fled to Germany in 1795, when the French defeated the Dutch army and an anti-orangist revolution broke out. He died in Lingen, Prussia. Van de Spiegel was the last Grand Pensionary of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands, which was replaced with the Batavian Republic modelled after the French revolutionary state.

Laurens Pieter van de Spiegel was married to Digna Johanna Ossewaarde (1741–1813). The couple had eight children, one of them, jonkheer Cornelis Duvelaer van de Spiegel (1771–1829), was a member of parliament (1815–29) after the French era. Cornelis was ennobled by King William I in 1815.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Johan Marinus Chalmers
Grand Pensionary of Zeeland
1785 –1787
Succeeded by
Willem Aarnoud van Citters
Preceded by
Pieter van Bleiswijk
Grand Pensionary of Holland
1787 –1795
Position abolished