Laurent Gaudé

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Laurent Gaudé
Laurent Gaudé at Salon du Livre in Paris (2009)
Laurent Gaudé at Salon du Livre in Paris (2009)
Born6 July 1972
Alma materUniversité Paris III

Laurent Gaudé (born 6 July 1972 in Paris) is a French writer.[1]

He studied theater and has written many dramatic works, among them Onysos le furieux, Cendres sur les mains, Médée Kali, and Le Tigre bleu de l'Euphrate.[2]


After a master's in humanities at the Université Paris III,[3] for which he presented a dissertation entitled Le thème du combat dans la dramaturgie comptemporaine française (The theme of combat in the French contemporary dramaturgy), supervised by Michel Corvin (1994), then a post-graduate diploma at the same university, for which he presented a dissertation entitled Le conflit dans le théâtre contemporain (The conflict in contemporary theater), supervised by Jean-Pierre Sarrazac (1998), Laurent Gaudé wrote plays (1999).

His first play, Combat de possédés, was published in 1999. It has been performed in Germany and has been read at the Royal National Theatre in London.[3] The second play, published in 2000, is Onysos le Furieux. It is an epic monologue,[4] written in only 10 days during the spring of 1996.[4] Laurent Gaudé has also written other plays such as Pluie de Cendres, Cendres sur les mains, Médée Kali or Le Tigre bleu de l'Euphrate.

In 2002, his second novel, La Mort du roi Tsongor, allowed him to be cited for the Prix Goncourt and above all to be rewarded by the Prix Goncourt des lycéens[5] and the Prix des librairies.[3] Two years later, he won the Prix Goncourt as well as the Prix Jean Giono with his novel Le Soleil des Scorta (The Scortas' Sun) which has been a best-seller (80 000 copies sold between the novel publication and the awarding in 2004[5]).


In 2002 he won the Prix Goncourt des lycéens and in 2003 the Prix des Libraires for La Mort du roi Tsongor. Two years later, he won the Prix Goncourt and the Prix Jean Giono for his novel The Scortas' Sun (French: Le Soleil des Scorta).[5]


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