Lauri Kivekäs

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This article is about the businessman. For the Fennoman, see Lauri Kivekäs (Fennoman).

Lauri Jaakko Kivekäs, titled Vuorineuvos (July 7, 1903 Muuruvesi, Finland – February 12, 1998; surname until 1926 Stenbäck), was a Finnish businessman. He served as Minister of Trade and Industry of Finland from 1957 to 1958. He was the former Chairman of Confederation of Finnish Industries and the first Chairman of Nokia Corporation after the 1967 merger of the three Finnish companies Nokia Company, Finnish Rubber Works and Finnish Cable Works. He remained Nokia Chairman until 1977 when he was replaced by Björn Westerlund.

Business positions
Preceded by
Nokia Corporation Chairman
Succeeded by
Björn Westerlund