Laurie Heineman

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Laurie Heineman
Born August 4, 1948
Chicago, Illinois

Laurie Heineman (born August 4, 1948) is an American actress and teacher, probably best known for the role of Myra in the John G. Avildsen film, Save the Tiger, and for originating the role of Sharlene Frame on Another World.

Currently she teaches Shakespeare and other classics to home schoolers, and runs workshops at libraries and private events throughout New England and in New York City. Heineman is a board certified art therapist who brings spoken word events to seniors, and she is an experienced teacher, and the co-author of a book on teaching Shakespeare, AP Classroom, A Midsummer Night's Dream.

She played Sharlene Frame Watts Matthews from 1975–77 and was awarded the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series in 1978.[1]

Heineman starred in the mini-series Loose Change, also starring Cristina Raines. She had an earlier daytime role on As the World Turns (as Mary Jackson, 1961–66). Other films in which she appeared were The Lady in Red and the satire All the President's Women. She made periodic guest appearances on such primetime series as Kaz, Lou Grant, Hart to Hart, The Incredible Hulk, The Streets of San Francisco, Rafferty (TV Series), and Law & Order. She co-starred in the television miniseries Studs Lonigan, and in such television movies as Terror on the 40th Floor.[2] Most recently,[when?] she appeared as herself in the documentaries A Touch of Greatness, about her teacher and mentor, Albert Cullum, and the BBC's Hollywood Greats (documentary on Jack Lemmon); accessed August 9, 2015. Heineman appears as Constance M. Sweeney, a judge at the center of the clerical sex abuse trials in the film Spotlight.

Heineman appeared on, off and off-off Broadway and in theatrical productions around the nation, including comedies, dramas, and numerous Shakespearean productions. She was an original member of the improv group, "The Proposition", also starring Fred Grandy and Jane Curtin. As a child she appeared in Naked City S03EP23 - 1962 03 21 - THE ONE MARKED HOT GIVES COLD and East Side/West Side, as well as on live television in the U.S. Steel Hour.[2]


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