Laurier Québec

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Laurier Québec
Laurier logo.JPG
Location 2700, boulevard Laurier
Quebec City, Quebec
G1V 2L8
Opening date November 11, 1961
Management Ivanhoe Cambridge
Owner Ivanhoe Cambridge
No. of stores and services +- 350
No. of anchor tenants 5
Total retail floor area 1,700,000 square feet / 157,900 m²
No. of floors 3

Laurier Québec (formerly known as Place Laurier) is one of Canada's largest shopping malls. It is located in Quebec City, Quebec (former city of Sainte-Foy).

Though Galeries de la Capitale is the largest mall in the city in terms of area, Laurier Quebec is the largest by number of stores. It has approximately 300 stores, is built on three levels, has an underground parking, a multilevel parking, and an outdoor parking. Major tenants include La Baie, Best Buy, Sears, Toys "R" Us and Wal Mart. Other shops include jewelry stores, gift shops, shoe stores, bookstores, shops selling glasses, music store, toy stores, electronics stores, clothing stores, a hardware store, pet shops, hair and beauty salons.

Place Laurier was the first indoor mall in the province of Quebec. None of the anchors from 1961 are still in operation. Sears, which opened in 1971 (as Simpsons-Sears), is the oldest anchor.

Major tenants[edit]

  • Aliments de Santé Laurier (15,728 sq. ft. / 1,461.2 m²)
  • Best Buy
  • Forever 21
  • H&M (16,444 sq.ft / 1,528 m²)
  • Linen Chest (28,793 sq. ft. / 2,675 m²)
  • Old Navy (15,990 sq. ft. / 1,485.5 m²)
  • Renaud-Bray (19,869 sq. ft. / 1,845.9 m²)
  • Sears (157,363 sq. ft. / 14,619.5 m²)
  • Sports Experts (20,959 sq. ft. / 1,947.2 m²)
  • La Baie (157,024 sq. ft. / 14,588 m²)
  • Toys "R" Us (41,042 sq. ft. / 3,812.9 m²)

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Coordinates: 46°46′12″N 71°17′06″W / 46.77°N 71.285°W / 46.77; -71.285