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Laurin & Klement
Industry Automotive
Fate Reincorporated
Successor Škoda Auto
Founded 18 December 1895; 122 years ago (1895-12-18)
Founder Václav Laurin
Václav Klement
Headquarters Mladá Boleslav, Kingdom of Bohemia, Austria-Hungary
Founders Václav Klement (left) and Václav Laurin
Laurin & Klement logo
Škoda and Laurin & Klement plaques

Laurin & Klement was a Czech automobile, motorcycle and bicycle manufacturer brand founded 1895 in Mladá Boleslav, Kingdom of Bohemia by automotive pioneers Václav Laurin and Václav Klement. It was acquired by industrial conglomerate Škoda Works in 1925 and re-branded as Škoda Auto, which is today the largest car manufacturer in the Czech Republic and a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group.


The company was founded in 1895, and named after its two founders: Václav Laurin (born 27 September 1865, died 4 December 1930), and Václav Klement (born 16 October 1868, died 13 August 1938).

Car production commenced in 1905, and the company soon became the largest car manufacturer in Austria-Hungary. In 1925 the company was acquired by the Škoda Works, and operated henceforth under the brand Škoda Auto (Škoda).

Today, the Laurin & Klement name is used by Škoda Auto to distinguish especially luxurious editions of some of their car models (Yeti, Octavia, Superb).


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