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A 1660 painting of Lauritz Galtung.

Lauritz Galtung (c. 1615-1661) was a Norwegian nobleman of the Galtung-family who was educated in the military, and became Admiral of the Dano-Norwegian joint fleet. He was employed Seignory over Lister Len in 1658.


Lauritz Galtung was born at the family farm of Torsnes in Hardanger. He is the first in the family to have been called the younger Galtung-family, as he used Galtung rather than the earlier Galte. His father, Lauritz Johannessen Galte, was one of the biggest landowners in Hardanger. The tax-census of 1647 shows that he owned 32 farms or farmparts in Hardanger, 13 in Sunnhordaland, and 6 in Voss.


He was first married to Danish noblewoman Clara Gere of Bjørnstrup; however she died in 1647, only a few months after the marriage. In 1650 he got married again, to another Danish noblewoman, Barbara Grabow. Barbara and Lauritz eventually got six children, the first four born in Bjørnstrup, Scania, and the last two born at Huseby, Farsund after moving to Norway in 1658 (as a result of the Danish loss of Scania by the terms of the Treaty of Roskilde).


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