Lausanne Marathon

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Lausanne Marathon
Maraton de Lausanne (2974133055).jpg
The start of the Lausanne Marathon in 2008
LocationLausanne, Switzerland
Event typeRoad
Course recordsMen:
Ethiopia Tesfaye Eticha 2:10:05
Kenya Tegla Loroupe 2:29:03
Official siteLausanne Marathon
Participants1,356 (2018)

The Lausanne Marathon or Marathon of Lausanne is an annual marathon race held in the Swiss city of Lausanne since 1993. This road running takes place in autumn (October) and the 20 km of Lausanne takes place in spring (April).

Parallel to the marathon, a half-marathon, a 10 km, a 10 km walking and Nordic walking, and a mini-marathon race of 4 km are organised. The Lausanne Marathon is one of the rare Swiss races that organises a half-marathon for wheelchairs and handcycles.

The Lausanne Marathon is one of the largest annual sporting events of the Canton de Vaud,[citation needed] and attracts up to 2,500 tourists each year. In 2009, a record 10,658 runners participated.


The first edition was held in 1993, with the inauguration of the Olympic Museum. Ethiopia's Tesfaye Eticha won the men's competition for a record seventh time.


The arrival of the Marathon of Lausanne is located in front of the fountain of the Olympic Museum in Ouchy.

The race starts in Lausanne, Place de Milan (next to the Parc de Milan), and then follows the road along the Lake Léman until La Tour-de-Peilz, before returning to Lausanne via the same route. The arrival is located in front of the Olympic Museum fountain. The half-marathon (21 km) starts from La Tour-de-Peilz (since 2000) and ends in Lausanne.

Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
26th 28 October 2018  Alaa Hrioued (MAR) 2:22:16  Aline Camboulives (FRA) 2:43:14
25th 22 October 2017  Fikru Dadi (ETH) 2:22:58  Laura Hrebec (SUI) 2:40:28
24th 30 October 2016  Youssef Sbaai (MAR) 2:17:06  Alemitu Bekele (BEL) 2:42:41
23rd 25 October 2015  Yeshigeta Tamiru (ETH) 2:17:08  Helen Bekele (ETH) 2:31:24
22nd 26 October 2014  Jacob Yator (KEN) 2:18:38  Naomy Chebonai (KEN) 2:51:54
21st 27 October 2013  Maciej Miereczko (POL) 2:29:02  Emma Pooley (GBR) 2:44:29
20th 28 October 2012  Bartosz Olszewski (POL) 2:32:07  Laura Hrebec (SUI) 2:41:37
19th 30 October 2011  Hamed Mehamednor (ERI) 2:19:37  Imaculate Chemutai (UGA) 2:47:36
18th 31 October 2010  Hailu Begashaw (ETH) 2:20:02.4  Magali Di Marco (SUI) 2:54:10.0
17th 25 October 2009  Urguessa Weyessa (ETH) 2:21:00,2  Joanna Chmiel (POL) 2:54:59,0
16th 26 October 2008  Berhe Zeremariam (ERI) 2:16:04,9  Pauline Atondoyang (KEN) 2:46:22,6
15th 21 October 2007  William Kipchumba (KEN) 2:12:17.9  Zhanna Malkova (RUS) 2:47:10.8
14th 22 October 2006  Sammy Rotich (KEN) 2:14:39.0  Meseret Koru (ETH) 2:39:42.8
13th 23 October 2005  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:12:41.0  Sandra Annen-Lamard (SUI) 3:01:02.8
12th 24 October 2004  David Kipkorir (KEN) 2:13:37.8  Tsige Worku (ETH) 2:37:25.3
11th 26 October 2003  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:10:04.7  Emebet Abossa (ETH) 2:34:39.7
10th 20 October 2002  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:11:22.8  Tegla Loroupe (KEN) 2:29:03.2
9th 21 October 2001  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:12:38.6  Valentina Enachi (MDA) 2:39:42.7
8th 22 October 2000  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:16:25  Irina Kazakova (FRA) 2:38:42
7th 24 October 1999  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:12:48  Irina Kazakova (FRA) 2:37:35
6th 18 October 1998  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:16:34  Kore Alemu (ETH) 2:38:08
5th 19 October 1997  Becho Tadesse (ETH) 2:16:04  Kore Alemu (ETH) 2:42:39
4th 13 October 1996  Becho Tadesse (ETH) 2:15:40  Fabiola Oppliger (SUI) 2:42:31
3rd 15 October 1995  Jacob Ngunzu (KEN) 2:18:37  Valentina Enachi (MDA) 2:33:35
2nd 16 October 1994  Nada Saktay (TAN) 2:16:10  Nataliya Galushko (BLR) 2:41:38
1st 26 June 1993  Nikolay Tabak (UKR) 2:19:51  Franziska Rochat-Moser (SUI) 2:42:06


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