Lauter (Rhine)

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Scheibenhard Lauter 273.jpg
The Lauter between Scheibenhard and Scheibenhardt
Origin Palatine Forest
Mouth Rhine
48°59′6″N 8°16′4″E / 48.98500°N 8.26778°E / 48.98500; 8.26778 (Rhine-Lauter)Coordinates: 48°59′6″N 8°16′4″E / 48.98500°N 8.26778°E / 48.98500; 8.26778 (Rhine-Lauter)
Basin countries Germany, France
Length 55 km (34 mi)

The Lauter (in its upper course also: Wieslauter) is a river in Germany and France, left tributary of the Rhine. Its length is 55 kilometres (34 mi). It is formed by the confluence of two headstreams (Scheidbach and Wartenbach) north of Hinterweidenthal in the Palatine Forest in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It flows through Dahn, crosses the border with France, flows through Wissembourg, and then forms the French-German international boundary until its confluence with the Rhine near Lauterbourg and Neuburg am Rhein.

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