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LAV or Lav may refer to:


  • Lav, an alternative name for Lava (Ramayana), a son of the Hindu deity Rama and his wife Sita, whose story is told in the Ramayana
  • Lav, translation in some Slavic languages of the name Lev
  • Luis Antonio Valencia, Manchester United winger

Science and technology[edit]

  • Lavalier microphone, a small microphone with a clip for attaching to clothing
  • software packages for encoding and decoding video and audio files:
    • LAV Filters, a set of open-source DirectShow filters based on FFmpeg
    • Libav, a free software project forked from FFmpeg
    • libavcodec, an audio/video codec library provided by FFmpeg and Libav
  • Live Attenuated vaccine, a vaccine with weakened but still living pathogen
  • Load average, the average of Load (computing)
  • Local As View, a view-based query answering approach to data integration
  • Lymphadenopathy-associated virus, a former name for HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)


Transportation lines[edit]