Lav pivo

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Lav pivo
Lav pivo logo
Manufacturer Carlsberg Srbija
Alcohol by volume 5.0%
Style Lager

Lav Pivo is a Serbian beer brand. Produced and bottled by Carlsberg Srbija in the town of Čelarevo (Bačka Palanka municipality), it has the second-biggest market share among the beer brands in Serbia, behind their rivals Jelen Pivo.[1]

In addition to Serbia, it is also widespread in Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Lav Pivo is the official beer of the Serbian national football team and also the Serbian Cup in football, which bears the brand's name (since 2006 it is known as the Lav Cup). Additionally, the beer is heavily promoted in the Serbian media with a slogan of Ili Jesi Ili Nisi ("either you are or you aren't"). Lav Pivo's television campaign features a series of commercials featuring actor Nenad Jezdić.


In December 2006, at the annual contest held by the Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Services and Pregled financial daily, Lav Pivo was named the second-best product brand in Serbia in 2006, behind Gorki list brandy.[2]

Lav pivo comes in three varieties: the regular one with 5.0% alcohol, the stronger one with 7% ,known as Lav 7, and a smooth variety known as Lav Premium.