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The Laval City Council is the governing body in the mayor–council government in the city of Laval, Quebec, Canada. It is composed of the mayor and 21 councillors. They are elected to four year terms with the next election scheduled for November 2013. Statutory meetings are held on the first Monday of each month.


Currently[when?] the city is divided into six sectors (secteurs in French) which only approximately cover the territories of the former municipalities. They are:

The former city of Fabreville was divided among two sectors.

Current Laval City Council[edit]

All 21 councillors were formerly associated with the Parti PRO des Lavallois, the municipal political party of mayor Gilles Vaillancourt.[1] Following Vaillancourt's resignation as mayor on November 9, 2012,[2] the councillors voted to dissolve the party on November 19 and now sit as independents.[1]

Following Vaillancourt's resignation, councillor Basile Angelopoulos served as the city's acting mayor[3] until council selected Alexandre Duplessis, the former councillor for District 15 (Saint-Martin), as the new mayor on November 23.[4] Angelopoulos again undertook the responsibilities of pro-mayor upon Duplessis' resignation on June 28, 2013 until Martine Beaugrand, the former councillor for District 20 (Fabreville) was acclaimed as the city's new mayor on July 3, 2013.

Following the November 3rd 2013 elections, the a new City Council has been formed. The actual members are:

Councillor Party Ward Notes
Marc Demers Mouvement lavallois Mayor
Jacques St-Jean Independent District 1 (Saint François)
Paolo Galati Mouvement lavallois District 2 (Saint Vincent de Paul)
Christiane Yoakim Mouvement lavallois District 3 (Val des Arbres)
Stéphane Boyer Mouvement lavallois District 4 (Duvernay-Pont Viau)
Daniel Hébert Mouvement lavallois District 5 (Marigot)
Sandra Desmeules Mouvement lavallois District 6 (Concorde-Bois-de-Boulogne)
Raynald Adams Mouvement lavallois District 7 (Renaud)
Michel Poissant Mouvement lavallois District 8 (Vimont)
David De Cotis Mouvement lavallois District 9 (Saint Bruno)
Jocelyne Frédéric-Gauthier Mouvement lavallois District 10 (Auteuil)
Pierre Anthian Independent District 11 (Laval des Rapides)
Jean Coupal Independent District 12 (Souvenir Labelle)
Vasilios Karidogiannis Mouvement lavallois District 13 (Abord à Plouffe)
Aglaia Revelakis Action Laval District 14 (Chomedey)
Aline Dib Mouvement lavallois District 15 (Saint Martin)
Ray Khalil Mouvement lavallois District 16 (Sainte Dorothée)
Nicholas Borne Mouvement lavallois District 17 (Laval les Îles)
Alain Lecompte Independent District 18 (Orée des bois)
Gilbert Dumas Mouvement lavallois District 19 (Marc Aurèle Fortin)
Michel Trottier Independent District 20 (Fabreville)
Virginie Dufour Mouvement lavallois District 21 (Sainte Rose)


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