Lavangen (fjord)

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View of the fjord
Lavangen is located in Troms
Location in Troms
Location Lavangen, Troms
Coordinates 68°47′52″N 17°35′26″E / 68.7979°N 17.5905°E / 68.7979; 17.5905Coordinates: 68°47′52″N 17°35′26″E / 68.7979°N 17.5905°E / 68.7979; 17.5905
Basin countries Norway
Max. length 17 kilometres (11 mi)
Max. depth 202 metres (663 ft)
Settlements Å, Tennevoll

Lavangen or Lavangsfjorden (Northern Sami: Loabákvuotna) is a fjord in the municipalities of Lavangen and Salangen in Troms county, Norway. The majority of the fjord is in Lavangen municipality (hence the name of the municipality). The 17-kilometre (11 mi) long fjord flows to the northwest and empties into the larger Astafjorden. The deepest point in the fjord reaches about 202 metres (663 ft) below sea level. The village of Tennevoll lies at the end of the fjord and the village of Å lies on the northern shore.[1]

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