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Lavie Tidhar
Lavie Tidhar in London in 2006
Born (1976-11-16) 16 November 1976 (age 39)
Occupation Author
Nationality Israeli/South African/British
Genre Fantasy, science fiction, slipstream
Notable works Osama; The Violent Century; A Man Lies Dreaming

Lavie Tidhar (Hebrew: לביא תדהר‎‎) (born 16 November 1976) is an Israeli-born writer, working across multiple genres. He has lived in the United Kingdom and South Africa for long periods of time, as well as Laos and Vanuatu. As of 2013, Tidhar lives in London.[1] His novel Osama won the 2012 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel, beating Stephen King's 11/22/63 and George R. R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons. His novel A Man Lies Dreaming won the 2015 Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize, worth £5000, for Best British Fiction.[2]

Early life[edit]

Tidhar grew up in the communal atmosphere of an Israeli Kibbutz. He began to travel extensively from the age of 15 and incorporates his experiences as a traveller into several of his works.[3]

Awards and honours[edit]




The Bookman Histories[edit]

  • The Bookman. Angry Robot Books, 2010.
  • Camera Obscura. Angry Robot Books, 2011.
  • The Great Game. Angry Robot Books, 2012.



  • An Occupation of Angels. United Kingdom: Pendragon press 2005. United States: Apex Publications 2010.
  • Cloud Permutations. United Kingdom: PS Publishing 2010.
  • Gorel and The Pot-Bellied God. United Kingdom: PS Publishing 2011.
  • Jesus & The Eightfold Path. United Kingdom: Immersion Press 2011.


  • Black Gods Kiss. United Kingdom: PS Publishing. 2015. A collection of five linked short stories (including one novella) related to Tidhar's previous British Fantasy Award-winning novella Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God (2011).
  • HebrewPunk. United States: Apex Publications. 2007. A collection of four linked short stories re-imagining pulp fantasy in Jewish terms.

Graphic Novels[edit]

  • Going to the Moon. United Kingdom: House of Murky Depths, 2012. With artist Paul McCaffrey.
  • Adolf Hitler's "I Dream of Ants!". United Kingdom: House of Murky Depths, 2012. With artist Neil Struthers.
  • Adler. United Kingdom: Titan Comics. Forthcoming 5-part miniseries. With artist Paul McCaffrey.

As editor[edit]

The Apex Book of World SF Series[edit]

A series of anthologies published since 2009, collecting short stories of international speculative fiction. Tidhar edited the first three volumes, and remained as overall Series Editor from the fourth volume.[13]

  • The Apex Book of World SF. United States: Apex Publications. 2009.
  • The Apex Book of World SF 2. United States: Apex Publications. 2012.
  • The Apex Book of World SF 3. United States: Apex Publications. 2014.

As Series Editor

  • The Apex Book of World SF 4. United States: Apex Publications, 2015. Edited by Mahvesh Murad.

Jews vs... Series[edit]



  • Art and War. Co-written with Shimon Adaf. United Kingdom: Repeater Books, 2016.

Short stories[edit]

Selected anthologies[edit]

  • "The Drowned Celestrial", Old Venus, edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, Bantam 2015[14]
  • "A Brief History of the Great Pubs of London" – Pandemonium: Stories of the Smoke, edited by Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin, Jurassic London 2012
  • "The Night Train", Strange Horizons, 2010. Reprinted in both Gardner Dozois's The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty Eighth Annual Collection and in Jonathan Strahan's The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 5.
  • "The Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String", Fantasy Magazine 2010. Reprinted in Gardner Dozois's The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty Eighth Annual Collection
  • "The Integrity of the Chain", Fantasy Magazine, 2009. Reprinted in Gardner Dozois' The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty Seventh Annual Collection
  • "Lode Stars" – The Immersion Book of SF, edited by Carmelo Rafala, Immersion Press 2010
  • "To The Jerusalem Crater", Dark Faith, edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon, Apex Books 2010
  • "The Solnet Ascendancy", Shine, edited by Jetse de Vries, Solaris 2010
  • "The Love-Craft" – Postscripts anthology series, edited by Peter Crowther and Nick Gevers, PS Publishing, 2009
  • "Shoes" – Interfictions II, edited by Delia Sherman and Christopher Barzak, Small Beer Press 2009
  • "Set Down This" – Phantom, edited by Sean Wallace and Paul Tremblay, Prime Books 2009
  • "One Day, Soon" – Lovecraft Unbound, edited by Ellen Datlow, Dark Horse Comics 2009
  • "Shira" – The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction & Fantasy, edited by Ellen Datlow, Del Rey 2008
  • "My travels with Al-Qaeda" – Salon Fantastique, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling, Thunder's Mouth Press 2006
  • "Bophuthatswana" – Glorifying Terrorism, edited by Farah Mendlesohn, 2007
  • "Grandma's Two Watches" – Nemonymous Five, 2005
  • "The Ballerina" – Nemonymous Three, 2003

Selected stories in online magazines[edit]

  • "Terminal", A Tor.Com Original, 2015
  • "Aphrodisia", Strange Horizons, 2010
  • "Butterfly and the Blight at the Heart of the World", Daily Science Fiction, 2010
  • "The Language of the Whirlwind", Clarkesworld Magazine, 2010
  • "Spider's Moon", Futurismic, 2009
  • "Jews in Antarctica", Fantasy Magazine, 2009
  • "The Dying World", Clarkesworld Magazine, 2009
  • "The Shangri-La Affair", Strange Horizons, 2009. [Part One] [Part Two]
  • "Blakenjel", Apex Magazine, 2008
  • "The Mystery of the Missing Puskat", Chizine, 2008
  • "Uganda", Flurb, 2008
  • "Elsbeth Rose", Fantasy Magazine, 2007
  • "High Windows", Strange Horizons, 2006
  • "304, Adolf Hitler Strasse", Clarkesworld Magazine, 2006
  • "The Dope Fiend", Sci Fiction, 2005

The "Central Station" story cycle[edit]

Several of Tidhar's short stories relate to one another in the following chronological order, according to the author:[15]

  • "The Indignity of Rain", Interzone, 2012
  • "Under the Eaves", Robots: The Recent A.I., 2012 (Dozois’ Year’s Best, Horton’s Year’s Best)
  • "Robotnik", Dark Faith II, 2012
  • The Smell of Orange Groves, Clarkesworld, 2011 (Dozois’ Year’s Best, Strahan’s Year’s Best, Polish translation)
  • "Crabapple", Daily Science Fiction, 2013
  • The Lord of Discarded Things, Strange Horizons, 2012
  • "Filaments", unpublished as of February 2013
  • Strigoi. Interzone, 2012
  • "The Book Seller". Interzone, 2013
  • "The God Artist", unpublished as of February 2013
  • "Vladimir Chong Chooses to Die", Analog, 2014
  • "The Oracle", Analog, 2013
  • "The Core", Interzone, 2013
  • "The Birthing Clinics", unpublished as of February 2013


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