Lavinia Spencer, Countess Spencer

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Lavinia Spencer
Reynolds - Lavinia, Countess Spencer.jpg
Lavinia, Countess Spencer by Joshua Reynolds
Born 1762
Died 1831 (aged 68–69)
Nationality British
Occupation Illustrator
Spouse(s) George Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer
Children John Spencer, 3rd Earl Spencer
Sarah Lyttelton, Baroness Lyttelton
Hon. Richard Spencer
Sir Robert Cavendish Spencer
Lady Georgiana Charlotte Quin
Frederick Spencer, 4th Earl Spencer
Ignatius Spencer
Parent(s) Charles Bingham, 1st Earl of Lucan
Margaret Bingham

Lavinia Spencer, Countess Spencer (née Bingham; 1762 – 1831), was a British illustrator.


Born Lady Lavinia Bingham in 1762, she was the daughter of Charles Bingham, 1st Earl of Lucan, and the painter Margaret Bingham. She became a countess when she married George Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer on 6 March 1781. The couple had nine children:

Georgiana Charlotte (Henry Pierce Bone)


Her drawing A Pinch of Snuff was included in the 1905 book Women Painters of the World.[1] She is known for engravings made after her drawings by the engraver Marino Bovi.


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