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Not to be confused with L.A.W. (comics).
Publication information
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
First appearance Division 13 #1
In-story information
Alter ego Unknown
Team affiliations Ruby, Shamus, Phillip, Sabrinna
Notable aliases Fugitive One
Abilities Unclear, see below

Law is a Dark Horse Comics supervillain. He first appeared in Division 13 #1 (1994). He appeared in comics published under both the Comics' Greatest World and Dark Horse Heroes imprints.

Publication history[edit]

A sneak peek of Law, along with three other new characters, was given in World View #5. The sneak peek was a character sketch by Chris Warner. Law made his first appearance in Division 13 #1 (September 1994), which was written by Keith Giffen. He also appeared in issues 2-4 of that series. Law then appeared in Dark Horse Heroes: Revelations (March 1995). He then took center stage as the lead character in his own series Agents of Law, which ran for six issues from March through September 1995.

Character history[edit]

Law was a detainee in Block 13 until his escape. He was the first ever escapee from Block 13. In fact, he is...

The first! The first touched by the Maelstrom and enhanced. Not killed...Not mutated.[1]

While in the Cinnibar Flats area, Law picked up a group of followers including parahumans Redline, Nucleus, Firebase, and Shamus. Shamus, who has the ability to join with computers, is taken over by The Motor, the computer of Vortex, while joining with it for Law. Law also had a series of encounters with Frank Lamb of Division 13.

After leaving Cinnibar Flats, Law travels to Golden City and becomes Grace's replacement as dictator. He destroys Grace's personal super-team, driving most of them away, killing Madison and bringing Rebel under his physical and emotional control. He builds a Judgement Gate at the city's entrance. Anyone is welcome to enter, but the Gate will either mutate them, grant them superpowers or kill them outright. Out of those who survive, some are bestial or out of control. These entities are killed by nearby guards.

Law declares that the entire state of California has seceded from the United States. When the Governor of California protests, Law has him murdered. The situation deteriorates even further, forcing Law to have his forces assault, injure and kidnap the President of the United States.

Eventually, an alien Predator comes to Golden City to hunt. It battles Law and kills him, removing his head. Grace, who had been forming a rebellion, takes instant advantage and steps in with a new team to resume control of the city. With the cancellation of the line, the resolution of this was not shown.

Powers and abilities[edit]

The exact nature and extent of Law's powers is unclear. Convinced he needs minor brain surgery, Law goes through it with absolutely no sedation at all (for he trusts no one). It is not made explicit whether he could deal with such pain through super-powers or through meditation.

In Agents of Law #2, he survives a full blast from Mecha. His suit and the wall behind him are destroyed, but he doesn't have a scratch or even stumble. However he is vulnerable to blades.


  • Division 13 #1-4
  • Dark Horse Heroes: Revelations #1
  • Agents of Law #1-6

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