Law Society of Manitoba

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Law Society of Manitoba
Abbreviation LSM
Formation 1877
Type Law Society
Legal status active
Purpose advocate and public voice, educator and network
Headquarters Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Region served
Manitoba, Canada.
Official language
Kristin Dangerfield

The Law Society of Manitoba is the self-governing body for lawyers in Manitoba, Canada. Its mandate is to regulate the legal profession.

To practice law in the Province of Manitoba, a person must be a member of the Law Society of Manitoba. The Law Society of Manitoba sets its own admission requirements. The qualification process to become a lawyer in Manitoba includes having successfully completed the combination of the bar admission courses and a period of articles.[1]

Since 2002, Bar Admission requirements have been fulfilled by completion of the courses offered by the Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED), a joint initiative of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The Law Society of Manitoba sets the standard of conduct for lawyers within its membership, and disciplines those lawyers who do not meet such standards. The goal of the Law Society of Manitoba is a public well served by an independent and competent legal profession, and it has a mandate to act in the public interest to ensure that lawyers in Manitoba practise competently and ethically.[2]


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