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The Law enforcement in Cape Verde is carried out by the Judicial police.

Police of Cape Verde

The captain of the Armed Forces, Abailard Barbosa Amado, was the first Executive Director of the PJ, and should bear the responsibility for initiating the building of this institution. The period that followed the creation of legal PJ was tapped to be selected by public tender, the tables, after specific training in criminal investigation techniques and lofoscópicas the country and in Portugal, conducted by the Institute of Judicial and Police Science criminal, would be included in the categories of technical professionals Lofoscopia, Agent, Inspector and Inspectors of the PJ framework Cape Verde.


Early police force[edit]

The first police force was created in 1872 and was named the Corpo de Polícia Civil made by the governor Caetano Albuquerque. The police force was organized as part of the Civil Police of the Portuguese Main. Its headquarters was in Praia.

In 1880, the Police Corps was restructured and became the Police Company with a military based organization, the company existed in Praia and had another station in Mindelo. The best

In 1962, a new police organization was formed in Cape Verde and transformed into Polícia de Segurança Pública (PSP) of Cape Verde with a newly civil character, modeled after Polícia de Segurança Pública (Public Security Police) of the Portuguese Main.

After Cape Verde became independent in 1975, it became the Polícia de Ordem Pública (Public Order Police), the POP, its uniforms and colors became different to the Portuguese one.

Due to its historic relations, several of the officers were trained in Portugal, the POP continued to maintain close links to the PSP, e.g. organization and uniforms.

Modern police force[edit]

The current police force was created in May 1993.[1] Since November 14, 2005, it is called the National Police (Policia Nacional).[dubious ]

The First Training Course was held in 1994 and agents of the Judicial Police attended and completed by 3 and 20 candidates respectively.[citation needed]

According to Interpol Cape Verde has two parallel police forces.[1] The Cape Verde Judicial Police is under the authority of the Cape Verde Ministry of Justice, while the Cape Verde National Police is under the authority of the Cape Verde Interior Ministry.

In Cape Verde there are 1,947 law enforcement officers of which 13% are women as of April, 2012.[citation needed]


The National Police includes:

  • National Direction
  • Special Command Units
  • Regional Commands: Praia, São Vicente, Santa Catarina, Sal, Fogo and Santo Antão
  • Police Squad and Police Post - dependent on Regional Command
  • Police School
  • Social Services

According to Interpol The National Police has four sub-commands, (1) the Public Order Police; (2) the Border Police; (3) the Customs Police; (4) and the Maritime Police.[1]

Special unit[edit]

Cape Verde also has a unit equivalent to a SWAT team mainly of North America, it is Brigada Anticrime (BAC, the Anti-Crime Brigade). It protects public order. It cracks down on drug use and armed bandits.

BAC is famous for making up its team and is use during the night in areas where crime is high in some areas. It has "Ninja" agents and are equipped with bullet proof vests, pepper spray, stun guns, electric shock tasers , helmets and armored vehicles.

It also takes part in rescue operations.

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