Law enforcement in Honduras

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Honduran Police in San Francisco, Lempira

Law enforcement in Honduras is split among three law enforcement organisations.

Current branches[edit]

  • Transit Police (Honduras) (Policia de Transito), a police force in charge of automobile transportation. They take care of car crashes, parking violations and other infringements.
  • DGIC (Dirección General de Investigaciones Criminalisticas), the agency that takes care of forensics and drug enforcement.
  • Cobras (Honduras), armed conflict people.

Past law enforcement bodies[edit]

Civil Guard, now abolished[edit]

  • Civil Guard in Honduras is a militarized police which was commanded directly by president Ramon Villeda Morales before his death, rather than the chief of the armed forces created in 1957.

Historical secret police organizations[edit]

  • Departamento Nacional de Investigaciones (DNI) (National Investigation Department)

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