Dutch Caribbean Police Force

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Dutch Caribbean Police Force
Agency overview
Formed10 October 2010[1]
Annual budget€17.6 million (2016)[2]
BES islands location map.svg
Map of Dutch Caribbean Police Force's jurisdiction.
Size328 km2 (127 sq mi)
General nature
HeadquartersKaya Libertador Simon Bolivar #4
Kralendijk, Bonaire

Agency executive

The Dutch Caribbean Police Force (Dutch: Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland or KPCN) is the law enforcement agency of the Caribbean Netherlands.


The force operates under the authority of the Ministry of Security and Justice. While maintaining public order and carrying out relief work, under the authority of the Island Governor of the relevant public body. During the investigation of criminal offenses the police force operates under the authority of the joint Attorney General of Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the Caribbean Netherlands.


The Director General of Police at the Ministry of Security and Justice has a mandate to fulfill certain administrative tasks such as appointment, promotion, suspension and dismissal of police officers.


Most of the employees works on Bonaire. These are distributed between headquarters in Kralendijk and the stations in Ambonia and in Rincon. On St. Eustatius there is one police station in Oranjestad and on Saba there is one police station in The Bottom and one in Windwardside. The force is organized into four divisions:

  • Basic Police Care;
  • Investigation;
  • Intake, Information and Operational Support;
  • Operations and Staff, headed by the office of the Commissioner (Dutch: Korpschef).[7]

List of former Commissioners[edit]

Portrait Name Took office Left office
Netherlands politic personality icon.svg Jan Rooijakker 2010[8] 2013[9]
KPCN Hildegard Buitink.jpg Hildegard Buitink 2013[10][9] 2016[11]
KPCN Jose Rosales.jpg Jose Rosales 2017[12][13] Incumbent

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