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RVS Tukoro

Vanuatu has a small mobile para-military force part of the national police service, the Ni-Vanuatu Police or Vanuatu Police Force (VPF), headquartered in Port Vila.


Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Coulton of the Vanuatu Mobile Force, was sworn in as the acting police commissioner in 2002.[1]

In a 2006 interview Police Commissioner Lieutenant Colonel Lui Patu Navoko voiced support for the idea that Vanuatu would benefit from having a National Security Council.[2]

Lieutenant Joshua Bong was appointed to a four year term as Police Commissioner, on 29 September 2009, replacing Lui Patu Navoko.[3]

Maritime arm[edit]

The Vanuatu Marine Force currently operates a single Pacific-class patrol boat, the RVS Tukoro.[4] This old vessel was delivered in 1987 by Australian grant aid, and is due to be replaced by a Guardian-class patrol boat in 2021. Australia provides other material and infrastructure assistance to Vanuata.[5]


Vanuatu has provided police officers to the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands since July 2003.[6] Ni-Vanuatu police officer Benson Samuels is contingent commander of the ni-Vanuatu police serving as part of RAMSI's Participating Police Force (PPF).

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