Law enforcement in the United Arab Emirates

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Law enforcement is the responsibility of each emirate of the UAE; each emirate's police force is responsible for matters within their own borders, but they routinely share information with each other on various areas. The forces also each have units to deal with protests, riot control or heavily armed suspects.

Crimes against national security will be referred to the Federal Courts. There is also close cooperation between the law enforcement and the military.

The police in the UAE come under the Ministry of Interior and are also responsible for maintaining the prisons and the arm responsible for this is the Corrections Department. Under this Ministry, is also the Immigration Department.

The police forces of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the biggest in the country, as these two emirates are the ones with most people and visitors.

Police Special Unit[edit]

The Police Special Unit is a unit which has been heavily influenced by the British SAS even the UAE Police Squad officials is needed for recruiting soon of Foreign police trainees from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Yemen, Oman, Lebanon, Palestinian Territory, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines for Police training for willing to assign in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and is believed to be tasked with providing CT capabilities to all Emirates within the UAE who do not already have such a team in place. This unit contains 40 men and 38 women. It is based at the Abu Dhabi International Airport and Dubai International Airport.

Local law enforcement[edit]