Lawa, Punjab

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Lawa لاوہ
Tehsil of district chakwal
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab province
District Chakwal District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Area code(s) 0543
Lawa Satellite View Google Maps by Asim Ahmad Khan.jpg

Lawa (Urdu: لاوا‎), is a Tehsil of Chakwal District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] Initially It was part of Talagang Tehsil and is located at 32°41'50N 71°56'5E with an altitude of 420 metres (1381 feet) and lies adjacent to Mianwali District.[2] Lawa is pre-dominantly inhabited with Awan tribe. Its boundary touches Mardwal via Goohal on one side while through Darbata is links with Kalabagh. Lawa is now gradually developing in every Field. This land has given birth to many talented personalities who are still working in diferent sectors of Pakistan. The proud of Lawa is indeed Major General Sher Bahadur Malik who captured Pando Peak in Kashmir when he was Colonel in 1948 and thus paved the way for capture of subsequent Azad Kashmir Areas. Before, General Sher Bahadur took the command, three battalions were defeated to capture the strategic post. His unit "11 Baloch" is still known as Pando Battalion in Pak army. He was planner of 1965 war between India and Pakistan as Adjutant General (Pak Army). Ayub Khan in his book "Friends not masters" mention him in reputable way.

Many youngsters of Lawa are also Studying in well Reputed Institutes of Pakistan.


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Coordinates: 32°41′50″N 71°56′5″E / 32.69722°N 71.93472°E / 32.69722; 71.93472

Jashn-e- Nezabazi Lawa[edit]

It’s an annual event held in March on Danda Lawa road. Teams come from all over Punjab.200 horses and riders participated.

Proposed by[edit]

Tehsil complex

Consist on Three sections[edit]

• Single section • 4 section • 8 section


• Single section winner is “ Allamdar Hasnainia Club of Pakistan” • 4 section winner is “Malik Uddra Club of Pakistan” • 8 section winner is “Rokhari Club of Pakistan”

Famous Personalities[edit]

SP Malik Yaran Khan, Former Member Malis Shura (Cabinet of Pakistan)

Malik Muhammad Altaf, Former MPA (Punjab Assembly)

Engr. Ghulam Muhammad, Who build of WAPDA house Lahore

Dr. Farooq Iqbal Malik, Prof. Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi

Malik Fateh Khan, Former Chief ABAD

Major Jahan Khan Malik, Tehsil Mohtasib Lawa

Dr. Abdul Rafeeq zaki

Sqdrn Leader Aqil Khan

Malik Allah Yar Khan "1st matriculate (1936) with honor of Lawa area"

Malik Khan Baig, Former Inspector General Police- Punjab

Malik Akhtar Hayat, Former Inspector General Police- Balochistan