Lawas (federal constituency)

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Lawas (P222)
Sarawak constituency
Map of Lawas District, Sarawak.svg
Federal constituency
LegislatureDewan Rakyat
Henry Sum Agong
Constituency created2005
First contested2008
Last contested2018
Electors (2018)[1]21,297
Area (km²)3,889

Lawas is a federal constituency in Limbang Division, Sarawak, Malaysia, that has been represented in the Dewan Rakyat since 2008.

The federal constituency was created in the 2005 redistribution and is mandated to return a single member to the Dewan Rakyat under the first past the post voting system.


Ethnic breakdown of Lawas's electorate as of 2018[2]

  Non-muslim bumiputera (49%)
  Muslim bumiputera (41%)
  Chinese (10%)
  Other ethnicities (1%)


Polling districts[edit]

According to the gazette issued on 30 December 2015, the Lawas constituency has a total of 42 polling districts.[3]

State constituency Polling Districts Code Location
Ba'kelalan(N81) Semadoh 222/81/01 SK Lg. Semadoh
Beriwan 222/81/02
  • Dewan Kpg. Puru Sia
  • SK Puru Sia
Maligan 222/81/03 SK Lg. Sebangan
Trusan 222/81/04 Dewan Masyarakat Trusan
Sukang 222/81/05 SK Lg. Sukang
Lupeng 222/81/06 SK Lg. Lupeng
Ba'kelalan 222/81/07 SK Ba'kelalan
Temarop 222/81/08 Dewan Masyarakat Lg. Temarop
Suang 222/81/09 Balai Raya Lg. Tukon
Talis 222/81/10 Pusat Kebudayaan Lun Bawang Kpg. Lg. Tuan
Lapadan 222/81/11 SK Tang Lapadan
Tengoa 222/81/12 SK Lg. Tengoa
Tuma 222/81/13 SK Lg. Tuma Lawas
Pengaleh 222/81/14 Dewan Masyarakat Kpg. Lg. Pengaleh
Siang 222/81/15 SK Siang-Siang Lawas
Pangi 222/81/16 SK Batu Lima
Batu Tiga 222/81/17 Balai Raya Kpg. Batu 3
Lampaki 222/81/18 Balai Raya Kpg. Undop
Muncu 222/81/19 Balai Raya Kpg. Muncu Merapok
Ranchangan 222/81/20 SK Kpg. Lintang Trusan
Bukit Sari (N82) Sundar 222/82/01 SK Sundar
Bukit Sari 222/82/02 SK Kuala Lawas
Merapok 222/82/03 Dewan Kpg. Bangkatan Merapok
Lawas 222/82/04 SJK (C) Chung Hua Lawas
Gelapas 222/82/05 SK Trusan
Awat 222/82/06 SK Awat-Awat Sundar
Baru 222/82/07 SMK Sundar
Luagan 222/82/08 SK Luagan Sundar
Aru 222/82/09 SK Aru Baru Sundar
Pagar 222/82/10 Dewan Masyarakat Sundar
Katong 222/82/11 Dewan Kpg.Tanjong Katong
Pemukat 222/82/12 Dewan Masyarakat Kpg. Pemukat
Dato 222/82/13 SK Kpg. Seberang Kuala Lawas
Belipat 222/82/14 SK Belipat Lawas
Sualai 222/82/15
  • Dewan Kpg. Sualai
  • Dewan Masyarakat Kpg. Siang-Siang Laut
Punang 222/82/16 SK Puang Lawas
Sibagol 222/82/17 Dewan Masyarakat Kpg. Ulu Merapok
Melusok 222/82/18 SRA MIS Lawas
Temangis 222/82/19 SK Pusat Lawas
Mission 222/82/20 Maktab Injil Malaysia Kpg. Mission Lawas
Ladang Baru 222/82/21 SK Ladang Baru Lawas
Silat 222/82/22 Dewan Kpg. Berjumpa

Representation history[edit]

Members of Parliament for Lawas
Parliament Years Member Party
Constituency created from Bukit Mas
12th 2008-2013 Henry Sum Agong BN (PBB)
13th 2013-2018
14th 2018
2018-present GPS (PBB)

State constituency[edit]



State constituency
1969–1978 1978–1990 1990–1999 1999–2008 2008–2016 2016−present
Lawas Ba'kelalan
Bukit Sari

Current state assembly members[edit]

No. Constituency Member Party (coalition)
N81 Ba'kelalan Baru Bian PSB
N82 Bukit Sari Awang Tengah Ali Hasan GPS (PBB)

Election results[edit]

Malaysian general election, 2018
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
BN Henry Sum Agong 10,037 70.44 - 1.01
PH Danny Piri 4,037 28.33 +28.33
Independent Mohamad Brahim 176 1.24 + 1.24
Total valid votes 14,250 100.00
Total rejected ballots 157
Unreturned ballots 143
Turnout 14,550 68.32
Registered electors 21,297
Majority 6,000 42.11
BN hold Swing

"His Majesty's Government Gazette - Notice of Contested Election, Parliament for the State of Sarawak [P.U. (B) 247/2018]" (PDF). Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia. 3 May 2018. Retrieved 2018-08-01.

"Federal Government Gazette - Results of Contested Election and Statements of the Poll after the Official Addition of Votes, Parliamentary Constituencies for the State of Sarawak [P.U. (B) 321/2018]" (PDF). Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia. 28 May 2018. Retrieved 2018-08-01.
Malaysian general election, 2013
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
BN Henry Sum Agong 9,928 71.45
DAP Bob Baru Langub 3,898 28.05
STAR Alirahman Kamseh 69 0.50
Total valid votes 13,895 100.00
Total rejected ballots 177
Unreturned ballots 41
Turnout 14,113 74.89
Registered electors 18,845
Majority 6,030
BN hold Swing
Malaysian general election, 2008
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
BN Henry Sum Agong 8,526 92.07
PKR Japar Suyut 734 7.93
Total valid votes 9,260 100.00
Total rejected ballots 82
Unreturned ballots 0
Turnout 9,342 59.44
Registered electors 15,717
Majority 7,792
This was a new constituency created.