Lawkananda Pagoda

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Lawkananda Pagoda
Loka Nanda temple.jpg
Lawkananda Pagoda is located in Myanmar
Lawkananda Pagoda
Shown within Myanmar
Basic information
Location Bagan, Mandalay Region
Geographic coordinates 21°7′38″N 94°51′2″E / 21.12722°N 94.85056°E / 21.12722; 94.85056Coordinates: 21°7′38″N 94°51′2″E / 21.12722°N 94.85056°E / 21.12722; 94.85056
Affiliation Theravada Buddhism
Country Myanmar
Founder King Anawrahta

Lawkananda Pagoda (Burmese: လောကနန္ဒာစေတီ; pronounced: [lɔ́ka̰nàɴda̰ zèdì]; also spelt Lokananda, literally "joy of the world") is a Buddhist zedi located in Bagan, Burma (formerly Pagan). It was erected on the bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River, and built during the reign of King Anawrahta. It contains a replica of a Buddha tooth relic.

On 24 May 2003, a bejewelled umbrella (hti) was hoisted to the top of the pagoda.

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