Lawrence Bayne

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Lawrence Bayne
Born (1960-11-11) 11 November 1960 (age 55)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Actor, singer

Lawrence Bayne (born November 11, 1960 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian actor and singer. He has appeared in various movies and television series, both live action and animated. He also sings and writes for his band Simple Damned Device.

Among his live-action characters, he is perhaps best known as Victor Pearson, the apparently nefarious scientist-next-door in the NBC/Discovery Kids television series Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, also known as Black Hole High. Victor was the father of the Science Club's Vaughn Pearson and generally functioned as the series' antagonist. Victor used a frictionless Chi ball he stole from the show's protagonist, Josie Trent, as a power source for his mysterious experiments at Pearadyne Labs.

He also appeared in the third and fourth seasons (1999 and 2000) of La Femme Nikita, as an operative named Davenport. He also appeared in Pink Floyds music video "Learning to Fly".


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