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Lawrence Dean Chandler (born 27 November 1971) is an American-born composer, musician, and sound artist living in London. He studied at Columbia University, The Juilliard School, and Goldsmiths College and with La Monte Young and Pauline Oliveros.[1][2] He is best known as a founding member of Bowery Electric and has worked for Philip Glass.[3][4] Recent works include Music for Rock Ensemble commissioned by The Labèques for "50 Years of Minimalism" at Kings Place[5] and The Tuning of the World, a 24-hour sustained tone piece.[6][7] His current band is Happy Families.[8]


According to genealogist Lillian M. Cain, Chandler is of English ancestry, descended from Alfred the Great through his mother Sarah Law Moody Chandler, [9] maternal grandmother Elizabeth Simpson Dean Moody (and eleventh great-grandfather Robert Lewis II who came to Virginia from England n 1637) and William the Conquerer and King Edward III thorough his maternal grandfather Julian Wright Moody (and eleventh great-grandfather Colonel George Reade who came to Virginia from England in 1635).[10] Through his Virginia ancestry Chandler is related to George Washington as well as Queen Elizabeth II and her descendants with Augustine Warner and his wife Mildred Reade having been their common ancestors.[11][12] He also shares common ancestry with the explorer Meriwether Lewis.[13] His great-great grandfather William T. Simpson built Dean Hall in Eufala, AL in the 1850's.[14]


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